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"1st VirArtgallery Prize 2015"
Art Prize Winners Exhibitions

Virart Gallery May 2015


This is the final list:
1st Prize (Personal Exhibition with Min 14 max 28 works): Lichtenegger Rudolf
2nd - 3th and 4th Prize (Collective Exhibition with 7 works each artist): Lynne Blundell, Walter Schönenbröcher, Alessandra Lugli
From 5th to 11th Prize (Collective Exhibition with 2 works each artist): Antonio Sammartano, Luciano Caggianello, Paula Haapalahti, Lola Lonli, Federica Bartoli,
 Ibrahima Diallo
Estela SanMillan, Valérie Cagnoli
Special Price of the jury (Personal Exhibition with 14 works): Frank Moore
Thanks and congratulation!


VirArt Gallery Prize 2015



















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