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The Story of my life and the lives of my stories

To say I love photography a lot would barely describe how much I have passion for this art and profession. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a country where people appreciate every single moment of happiness and share it, a country of Hospitality, and natural beauty: Senegal. When I moved to NYC following my dreams I had to give back to this metropolis which has been so hospitable to me.


Every photo is a feeling to share. Every shot I took, I remember the beat of my heart and joy while capturing it. These are my memories of this world and mankind. I hope with your kindness and the purchases you make we can spread joy, happiness, peace and love around because there's always beauty where we look for it.



NYC Landscape Photographer Ibrahima DIallo
We should never expect situations to change by themselves (which they will inevitably), we must direct the transformations to be favorable to us by not being so comfortable believing it's all good. In The Jungle and The City when one traffic light changes, the others will. Allow me to change the way you see photography.        Ibrahima Diallo
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